Very well rounded and accomplished as a Vocalist, Songwriter, Performer, Engineer and Producer. A rare balance of everything you need.”

— Jona Lewie

Press release - Turbononsense (album) 

Release date: 27/12/19 Label: (ADM/AWAL)

On Friday 27th December 2019 I will be releasing a new album of all original music called “Turbononsense” on Apple Music, Google Play, Spotify and most popular digital music platforms.

The album is a rollercoaster ride of 12 blistering rock songs which vary from guitar driven heavy rock leviathans right down to acoustic folk inspired contemplative ballads, with indie and blues flavours thrown in too. I am a great believer in the idea that an Album should be a statement in itself - a listening experience that takes you on a journey with introductions, good hooks, highs and lows, and a memorable ending. I took this idea back to its roots and made sure this album is built to listen to.

I also realise there are far more people getting into playing music these days, so I also included the guitar chords along with the lyrics in the digital booklet. Having a great new album to jam along to, with all the music in front of you is great fun whatever your experience level, so I encourage people to get stuck in and find their mojo!

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Highlights of the album include (SoundCloud Links):

  • The folk ballad “Knowing I am Knowing You”, an early acoustic version of which was borrowed by tech giant Microsoft to promote their windows software.
  • Blues anthem “Sweetie” which I wrote with my cousin Simon Holland-Roberts as a creative reprise a few years after our band split up.
  • Heavy Metal masterpiece “Anosognosia”, the lyrics for which came about after my old drummer James Collett dreamed of having his legs blown off during a fight with a landlord.

Allan Dawson

Allan Dawson is an Artist Producer from North Wales, a multi-instrumentalist singer songwriter and accomplished improvisational blues rock guitarist. His artistic style draws from a wide range of music influences and life experiences, which are reflected in his varied collection of thought provoking songs. He is also a studio engineer and record producer, which are skills he makes full use of in his creative work.  

Allan has also worked as a broadcaster, executive skydiver, digital music pioneer, and various other roles - none of which make any use of his degree in Rocket Science. He was a key player in the early days of the digital music revolution, opening the eyes of the music industry to the potential of a brand new unknown format called the "MP3" which nobody had ever heard of, nobody believed would ever work and which he described demonstrating to people as being like "Trying to push water uphill". This led to him becoming the founder of a pioneering digital music store, from which he also went on to produce and present a web radio station, "Waking Up the Neighbours!" drawing 20,000 listeners per week. He has travelled the world as a producer broadcasting live events and has worked as a live sound engineer with artists such as Belinda Carlisle, Jesus Jones, Shed 7 and Hawkwind to name a few. 

When he's not working as a musician he is also a keen aviator and occasionally dabbles in film production.

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