Hear it how you like it - Allan Dawson's new sub-genre based Playlists

So call me old-school if you like, but when I write music my focus is always on the album. Even if I start out with just one song, I am thinking about what collection of music this song is going into and what kind of journey will that take you on when you listen to the whole album. I also like to put a lot of variety into that journey, resulting in some quite eclectic mixes of heavy, balladic and indie sounding recordings across the same record.

In this fast paced world of music discovery I realise this might not work for everybody. If you only like ballads but the first ballad on the record is Track 4 and you have to listen to three crashing rock monsters to get to it, you are hardly likely to get past the first 30 seconds of track one, especially if you don't know my music that well. Vice-versa: if you just want to mosh but ‘Oh my god here he goes with that damn piano again…’  you see where I'm going with this 😂. 

Seeing this as a fun challenge of presentation I decided to hack at my four existing albums and rearrange the four dozen or so songs on them into three playlists which might fit easier into the mood you are looking for when you want to listen to my songs. So what I came up with was this:

  • Pillow Talk - the soft and intimate playlist of my more thought provoking and heart-pulling creations.
  • Icons of Adelphi - my more indie sounding works; and 
  • Big Heavy Rocks - the harder edge selection of songs you can properly scream your head off to.

Hope you enjoy this more mood focussed way of listening!


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